Analysis of automatic filling machine ten leading technology


Liquid Filling Machine is suitable for the water, oil, emulsion, paste other quantitative filling, the filling of plunger pump, through the cylinder stroke to regulate the filling range. Feeding mode of self-priming and hopper two, self suction type for directly from the container to draw, hopper material will be added to the hopper when filling. As the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industry filling process an Filling Machinery .


All the time since, market of beverage  Filling Machine  is a solid backing, in particular the modern market for product quality increasing, expanding market demand, enterprises for efficient automated production requirements, in this case, filling machine is becoming a hot filling equipment. Add in last few years, science and technology level, filling the domestic machine industry also got rapidder development, technology level, equipment performance, quality and other aspects have been greatly improved, in supporting enterprises efficient, safe production has played an important role.


So in the next filling machine equipment development situation will how?


First to introduce, automatic filling machine is characterized by what. Automatic filling machine is characterized by a bottle conveying line passing through the empty bottle, the bottle discharging wheel mechanism, there will be no empty bottles of accurate to the turntable, empty bottles and rotation, while the soft pallets agencies will empty bottle up, bottle filling valve is automatically opened after exposure, in filling, filling is finished, the bottle automatically pull out into the bottle conveying line, the end of the process. The machine is equipped with automatic protection device, such as the emergence of the bottle clamping phenomenon, the machine will automatically shutdown protection safe.


Automatic filling machine of the leading technology lies in the following ten points:


In 1, high precision calibration capacity:500 mm, the average error of ± 1.5 ml.


2, each valve high speed: 250-300 bottles / hour, stepless transmission.


In 3, large capacity: the filling volume can be adjusted arbitrarily between 150-800 ml.


In 4, large range: applicable to a variety of special-shaped bottle, and the replacement of bottle convenient adjustment, fast.


5, no fluid loss: mouth closed filling, liquid affixed to the bottle wall spraying, not hop, not overflow.


6, no broken bottles: elastic bottle-holding device, from the bottle, the bottle in place, low limit, not broken bottles, does not damage the machine.


7, automatic protection: out of the bottle is provided with a dial wheel overload clutch protection device, the abnormal situation of automatic stop alarm.


8, automatic control level: level control using floating ball liquid level control device, control surface stability.


9, electric adjustment: the electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment quantitative, accurate display of LCD display.


In 10, the soft start: boot, machine by the low-speed slow rise to the set speed, no rigid impulse, so it will not hurt machine broken bottles.

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